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Projects and Assignments

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  • Consultant, National Mineral Index, Ministry of Mines, Government of India

  • RE Siting and Commons for Foundation for Ecological Security

  • Electricity, Governance & Regulation - Integrated Energy Policy for Ashoka Centre for People-centric Energy Transition

  • Critical Minerals and Energy technologies for WRI India

  • Regulatory & judicial approaches to Renewable Energy in India for IIHS

  • Evolution of energy transition in India: Drivers and challenges for Renewable Energy for IIHS

  • Advisor, Energy transition case studies, role of various stakeholders, especially international financial institutions, and their replication in the global south for Intellecap

  • Review and gap analysis of policies and programmes for Sustainable Tourism in SECURE Himalayas for TERI under the UNDP Secure Project

  • Review of Laws and Policies and Preparation of Stakeholder Manual for Participatory Forest Management (PFM) in Himachal Pradesh, for IIHS under World Bank Prosperity project

  • Conducting (legal) Situation Analysis and Capacity Needs Assessment vis-à-vis Human Wildlife Conflict in India for TERI (under
The Indo-German Project, “Human Wildlife Conflict Mitigation” – GIZ /MOEFCC)

  • Law and Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) for 2018 Taskforce on SPP, Government of India

  • Fiscal federalism in the context of forests, environment and climate change TERI project for the XVth Finance Commission, Government of India

  • Consultant Reviewer, Governance indicators of Indian Oil and Gas sector and its effectiveness – India for Natural Resources Governance Institute

  • Evidence Summary of disaster management approaches in context of South Asia TERI project supported by DFID

  • Open Government Data in Energy resources (OGD and transparency in Coal and Oil & Gas) TERI Project supported by WWW foundation and IDRC

  • Environmental Federalism in India: Engaging with emerging issues: A case study of forests, TERI project supported by Konrad Adenauer Foundation

  • Equitable sharing of benefits from coal mining and power generation among resource rich states, TERI project for Planning Commission, Government of India

  • Strengthening Green Federalism, supported by MoEF, ISC, Government of India, TERI, the World Bank and Forum of Federations

  • Learning from emerging energy innovations in Asia: Contributing to the discourse on an institutional framework for sustainable development, TERI project supported by ADB

  • Patent Pooling and Access to Knowledge: A case study of biotechnology with reference to India, supported by IDRC

  • Post-TRIPS IPR Regime in India – Opportunities and Challenges, supported by British High Commission

  • Towards a multilevel governance framework for nanotechnology and regulatory aspects of nano technology regulation, for IDRC

  • Implications of management of sustainable development on fiscal federalism in India TERI project for the XIIIth Finance Commission of India

  • Critical assessment of Indian regulatory framework governing coal and other minerals in the context of Responsible Sovereignty TERI project for KAS

  • Emerging Asia contribution on issues of technology for Copenhagen, TERI project supported under MFA Norway Agreement

  • Evolving a roadmap for resolving IPR issues in technology transfer and development for emerging Asian  Countries, TERI project supported under MFA Norway Agreement

  • Assessment of merits and demerits of becoming a signatory to Energy Charter Treaty TERI project supported for Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Legal and Constitutional aspects involved in Compensation for Natural Resources to Resource bearing States (Minerals, Coal, Hydropower, Oil and gas) TERI project for the Inter State Council Secretariat/ Prime Minister’s Office, Government of India

  • Enabling Sustainable Public Procurement in India towards a low carbon economy, TERI project supported by IISD

  • Implications of Agreement on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures on Access to Health in India for RGICS, supported by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (Special Focus on food safety)

  • Professional and analytical support to MoEF on Conservation of Marine biodiversity on behalf of WWF India

  • Customary Law in India: Its role in Protection of Indigenous Knowledge and Biodiversity, its status in the Indian legal system for Gene Campaign, supported by IDRC, Canada

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